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September 7, 2013

June 17, 2013
Anna Marie McNulty was born on June 17.

She was 5lbs. 14oz.

She was 17 inches long.


May 3, 2013
Hi! I'm still alive.

Julia is reading at an 8th grade level.

February 9, 2013
In an average lifetime, people spend six years dreaming.

September 6, 2012
Happy 1st birthday, Julia!

Sorry my finger covered up the camera while we were singing "Happy Birthday." Let that be an important lesson to you: Your dad is a dope.

July 26, 2012
Julia is almost 11 months old!

She's pretty excited.

April 28, 2012
It happened again today.

I was running on the treadmill at the gym. A lady got on the treadmill next to me and started running. After about two minutes, she stopped her machine and moved over one treadmill.

I must smell a lot worse than I think I do.

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